Each design is singular.

Each individual piece encapsulates sought-after beauty.



Paris — the epicenter of haute couture fashion innovation.

Bespoke — visionary designs constructed with unparalleled craftsmanship, unimpeded by time or limitation.

Combine the two and the legacy is distinct, intricate, and elegant.

MJZ, a modern luxury lifestyle label of crocodile and alligator couture, is the perfect embodiment of both, exhibiting the purest representation of luxury.


MJZ patrons are global pioneers — bold risk-takers who seek the unconventional, extraordinary, and exotic.  Our clientele value not only rarity in its most authentic form, but also expect the exceptional, client-driven service of the MJZ experience.  MJZ harnesses patrons’ desires for something more by offering an emotive and sophisticated piece of art — the ultimate product of self-expression.  MJZ presents a luxurious line of avant-garde crocodilian couture outerwear tailored for refined connoisseurs of fashion.

The philosophies of quintessential style and modern creativity define the MJZ brand.  The designs are the union of contemporary imagination and timeless sophistication. MJZ achieves these unique fashion aspirations while adhering to the highest ethical standards of the brand’s core.  Each alligator and crocodile skin is sourced from the most reputable tanneries in France and Italy — all of which are carefully researched and hand-selected by MJZ artisans to ensure sustainability and humane treatment of each animal.  Only the crème de la crème and most precious component of the reptile is used in the creation of an MJZ garment:  the prized belly skin — smooth and sleek, yet strong.  Every element of hardware is delicately crafted by metalsmiths, ensuring the perfect marriage of textile and technology.  Each design is singular.  Each individual piece encapsulates sought-after beauty, admired by elite patrons who have appreciated some of the world’s most extraordinary materials and workmanship.


MJZ is one of these exclusive marques.





Founder and Creative Director Michael Chang’s pursuit of sartorial design is intergenerational.  Throughout his life, he has found inspiration through his mother’s devotion to art and style.  Truly a personal icon of sophistication and class, she introduced him to a panorama of rare creations — specifically leather goods — which nurtured an enduring admiration for unique artistry.

His epicurean upbringing flourished, evolving into a honed study of exotic leathers.  Through his continuous exploration of the great diversity of crocodilian leather products, Michael has developed an expert appreciation of the striking textures and patterns of the animal, particularly those of the belly skin.  This treasured part of the crocodile is exquisite, demanding an eternal sense of wonder.  It is paradoxically soft and incredibly tough, each piece possessing its own unique scale pattern.  Michael sought a one-of-a-kind leather jacket that would uphold the bold ferocity of the animal with dignity, while satisfying his meticulous attention to artistry.  His search yielded nothing equal to the quality and form he desired.  The designs did not reflect a merited reverence of the beautiful and formidable apex predator.


So, in true MJZ fashion, he said, “FUCK IT, I’ll just make my own.”


Michael has drawn upon his international experiences and cosmopolitan perspective to deliver the vanguard of exclusive luxury garments.  This approach has allowed him to provide prestigious clientele with the rarities of Parisian-crafted couture.  He traveled throughout Europe in search of the finest atelier to produce his collection, ultimately discovering the consummate workshop in Paris.  Through their relationship, Michael and his atelier enlisted the leading European supplier of exotic skins, a part of the Kering Group.  This peerless supplier ensures not only a premier grade selection, but more importantly, the highest standards of sustainable, humane treatment of these magnificent creatures.

Michael’s designs embody impeccable materials and expert craftsmanship as the foundation on which his outerwear label is built.  His passion for exotic leathers allows each masterpiece to push the boundaries of luxury and fashion — elevating them to wearable works of art.  Ultimately, respecting and expressing the dominance and majesty of the crocodile is the heart of the MJZ brand.


In 2017, the MJZ brand was born.

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